Bisamberg Blauer Zweigelt 2020


The ruby red chameleon – whether a young and fruit-driven, or a massively structured premium red wine the blaue Zweigelt is always a pleasure.

hand-picked, vegan
Taste: soft, mellow, fruity

The Zweigelt occupies around 10% of the vineyard area owned by WEINGUT CHRIST in Vienna – Jedlersdorf and is situated in two different sites. A vineyard with old – around 50-years old -vines, which always delivers deeply structured wines is outstandingly accompanied by a younger one, which shines by its fruit charm.

The Zweigelt is an Austrian crossbreed and is relatively widespread through all wine regions, being the most important red variety in Austria in terms of area.

This wine will probably mature to its peak in about 1 - 2 years and may well maintain its level for a few more years.


Taste profile: Dense red color with a delicate violet edge. On the nose it already has a nice ripeness, notes of sweet cherry, licorice and cassis. Elegant on the palate, nice length with ripe tannins, sour cherry, iron, fleshy. Great pairing with barbecue.


Vintage 2017:

  • Falstaff Points 90

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