Kraut und Rüben, Gemischter Satz, Natural Wine 2021


The provocateur – exceedingly independent, completely non-conformist and uncompromising, this wine suggests: “Love me or leave me!”

hand-picked, vegan

Taste: multi-layered, complex, unique


Gemischter Satz, hand harvested, spontaneous mash fermentation, 8 weeks of skin contact, maturation on the full yeast for at least 12 months, no interventions or treatments, unfiltered. – so reads the resume of this great individualist, a true “Vin nature”

Kraut & Rüben stands for the coulerful tangle of skin, seeds and juice. These millennia-old processes characterize a particular style of wine.

An extroverted, almost provocative personality. Light copper, orange reflexes, slightly cloudy, mushy fruits from the garden, autumn forest in the fog, spicy herbs, superior freshness, associations with Campari bitterness. Curious?


Taste profile: Orange-golden colour, fine turbidity, multi-layered, complex wine with aromas of dried peach, junipers and a subtle note of lime blossom and buttermilk.


Vintage 2018:

  • Falstaff 92 Points

Vintage 2019:

  • Gault & Millau 2022 – 17 Points
  • Vinaria 2020/21 – „excellent“ – TIPP
  • Wein Guide Weiss 21 – 5 Glasses

Datasheet for downloading: