Gelber Muskateller 2023

The Aromatic - The fruity summer wine charmes with its diversity of aroma. Playful, light-footed, dance-like.
Hand-picked, organically produced, vegan
Taste: light, fruity, playful

The Gelber Muskateller occupies around 5% of the vineyard area owned by WEINGUT CHRIST in Vienna – Jedlersdorf and is planted out in several smaller vineyards.

The microclimatic richness results in a wine of almost dancing lightness with a steadily deep aroma diversity. The wine suits perfect as an aperitif, paired with grilled fish and also with Asian-inspired cuisine.

The soils are shaped by Viennese Sandstone with crystallin enclosers.


Taste profile: Fine notes of fresh grapes, Lychee and Elderflower, light and playful, unique, lively drinking-pleasure, light in alcohol


Vintage 2020:

  • Gold medal Landesweinbewertung (state wine rating) 
  • Vinaria 2021/22 "very well" 
  • Falstaff Points 91

Vintage 2022:

  • Winner of the state wine rating in Vienna

According to analyses by the Federal Office of Viticulture, our white wines contain <0.1mg/l histamine. Contains sulphites.

Datasheet for downloading: